My Digital Story

I decided to do my digital story using the metaphor of a roller coaster.  To me, this is how it feels like my college experience has been going so far.  I’m excited to get it done, but during the semester I feel as if I’m on a big roller coaster and I just can’t wait to get off.  That’s where I am now, with only a few weeks left, because my life has gotten so much more stressful since the beginning of the semester and I need a break!

I know this video was supposed to be longer, it took me 3 attempts to make this- youtube wasn’t cooperating with me (or I am just not savvy enough to figure it out), but it actually deleted my first 2 attempts after I worked really hard on them.  This 3rd and final attempt was created on accident, I tried to save my work (so it didn’t self delete), and it published itself and I guess you can’t go back in and edit once it’s published.  So, here it is!


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