Creating a collage

I’ll be honest, I really really wanted to create a comic book strip this week.  After reading Karen Jensen’s comic book creation blog I thought it would be something really fund to do.  But, the first app mentioned (comic book app) was not free to use and one of the other programs mentioned (chogger) the website did not work. So I decided to use a different program instead and am quite pleased with the results.

I created a collage using Canva and it was so so easy to use!  I’m always looking for apps like these, I like making collages of pictures of my kids and I hate some of the apps available on my phone- none of them have all the tools I like. But Canva definitely does it all!  There are many free templates to choose from and I can edit almost everything about it.  You can upload your own photos (which I did), or chose from some of theirs.  You can also change the filter on your photos- I chose grayscale and also adjusted the intensity of it, so some are very gray while others still have a bit of color to them.  You can also crop the pictures and rotate them.

My Canva Design

It was really easy to add text as well.  I used different fonts and colors with each of the texts that I added.  I also changed the colors of the text and tried to make it match the tone and colors of the pictures in the collage.  All the text has to do with my independent learning project, photography: aperture, shutter speed, white balance, temperature and golden hour.  I also used all pictures that I took for my learning project.  You can edit how your final image saves- pdf files, jpeg, or png.  I downloaded it twice, once as a pdf and then as a jpeg so I could add it to this blog.  Being able to download it as each allows for different options- printing or using it online.


Overall this program was very user friendly and had a lot of the options I’m looking for in creating something like this.  I can see myself using this in the future- flyers for church, visual aids for other classes and even when I’m finally teaching.  I can use this to create things for my classroom as well as allowing the students to use it to create something of their own.  I really like that it’s simple enough for young children to grasp but has so many more options for more advanced ages.


3 thoughts on “Creating a collage

  1. Nice collage! This is the second post I have seen that is about Canva and I am astonished by the amount of creativity potential this program has. Also, the results are awesome. This is something I would include in a class as a means of allowing students to make a collage of important aspects of their lives.


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